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Creativity Community Auroville, Tamil Nadu 605101 India
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Geographical outlook:

Founded in August 2001, on 2 acres of land in the residential zone. The 1715 sq.m building comprises of five buildings that average five apartments; plus common office, arts atelier, activities hall, library, computer room, kitchen and laundromat.


35 residents from different parts of the world like India, Germany, USA, Belgium, Italy, Columbia, France, Australia, Spain, Canada, UK, Korea  and Ukraine.

Characteristics of the community:

Creativity is an Auroville microcosm for people from various cultures, who are willing to live with common means and trust in each other; they are of various ages, singles or couples, and children.

Residents agreed to a charter about no personal ownership of spaces, combined with a willingness to share and to aim for intercultural harmony.

The community maintains a waste water treatment plant and has an ecological attitude towards the use of water. The treatment plant generates water for irrigation. Household waste is separated and organic material is used in compost for plants in and around the community.

Long-term aims of the community:

Fulfilling Mother's ideas on living in Auroville.

One of the original intentions was to provide a living environment for Aurovilians who are full-time involved in work for Auroville. A space where the energies of the individuals are not diverted into personal dream houses or to take care of land and animals but to dedicate oneself as much as possible for the benefit of the larger community. To achieve this the living spaces are kept small and simple, the overall set-up low involvement for residents “at home” to free up this resources for the community at large.