Conversion of the Asuras

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“be converted – that is, become aware of their own divinity and become divine”[1]

222 – The saint and the angel are not the only divinities; admire also the Titan and the Giant.
223 – The old writings call the Titans the elder gods. So they still are; nor is any god entirely divine unless there is hidden in him also a Titan.
224 – If I cannot be Rama, then I would be Ravana; for he is the dark side of Vishnu.

“This means that sweetness without strength and goodness without power are incomplete and cannot totally express the Divine. I could say in keeping with the kind of image used by Sri Aurobindo, that the charity and generosity of a converted Asura are infinitely more effective than those of an innocent angel.”[2]

“I had a startling experience one day when X was doing his pujas to encircle the titans. He was in difficulty and I was about to intervene to help him when I was abruptly stopped. I was faced by a massive blackness (blacker than the blackest physical thing) and suddenly, right at its center, I saw the Divine Love shining with such a splendor – I had never seen it so splendid.
          And now it has become constant; each time I hear or see something ugly or horrible, or each time something ugly or horrible happens, something which is a negation of the divine life ... just behind is this flame – so wonderful. And then the effect is annulled.”[3]

“231 – Courage and love are the only indispensable virtues; even if all the others are eclipsed or fall asleep, these two will save the soul alive.”[4]

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