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(Medhananda:) “After millennia when the sky was covered with clouds, one day they parted a moment to reveal a star – the first one. Who is preventing us from experiencing that ecstasy? The little star is still there. The miracle is constant. But man is indifferent.”[1]

(Medhananda:) “Everything is consciousness. The chair is consciousness, the table is consciousness, the plant is consciousness. But that consciousness is limited, imprisoned. Only man can free his consciousness. He can go beyond being man, and become one with everything, become everything that exists. You can taste the delight of all the beings all around you – and everything is awaiting that liberation from you. That oneness is yoga.”[2]

“To me, for instance, consciousness is the very stuff of existence and I can feel it everywhere enveloping and penetrating the stone as much as man or the animal. A movement, a flow of consciousness is not to me an image but a fact. If I wrote “His anger climbed against me in a stream”, it would be to the general reader a mere image, not something that was felt by me in a sensible experience; yet I would only be describing in exact terms what actually happened once, a stream of anger, a sensible and violent current of it rising up from downstairs and rushing upon me as I sat in the veranda of the guest-house, the truth of it being confirmed afterwards by the confession of the person who had the movement.”[3]

“To feel quietude, peace, the force working is to be conscious; the unconscious condition comes only by confusion and admitting wrong suggestions and restlessness; if you reject these things, the true consciousness will grow in you. Naturally, the consciousness you have now is nothing to what you will have hereafter when it has grown; but it has to begin in this way and increase by quietude.”[4]

(Medhananda:) “With every step in evolution, the universe is becoming more real. It is the light, the quality of consciousness with which we see it that gives it its reality. Space would have no reality at all, if it weren't for the stars; and the more of them there are, the more real it is.”[5]

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