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“(While sorting old notes of Mother's, Satprem comes across the following passage:)

‘Always listen to what the Lord of Truth has to tell you and let your action be guided by Him.’

That's good.”[1]

“Sweet Mother,
         The ordinary man is often guided in life by his conscience, isn’t he? So what becomes of one who has no conscience, who has lost it by having disregarded it too often?

What is usually called “conscience” is a mental formation based on the idea of good and evil, a moral entity or rather an element of goodwill which tries to keep the individual on what is commonly known as the straight path.
         This element acts as a defence against the hostile forces which can quite easily take possession of one who has disregarded the advice of his conscience.
         But all this is a mental approximation of the Truth. It is not the Truth itself.”[2]

“I am always with you. If you listen carefully, you will hear my answers to your questions. When all grows silent and calm within you, you will feel my presence concretely, and no help is more real or more effective than that.”[3]

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