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(Loretta:) “Champaklal looked after Mother in her room, and he kept everything of Mother's very carefully – everything, down to the ashes from the incense that she burned.”[1]

(Champaklal:) “While giving Sri Aurobindo’s lunch dish to me after he had finished, Mother said: “The Being we want to manifest in you demands your complete surrender. He is one of four brothers. He wants to manifest in you and is waiting for you to be ready. And that Being wishes that I should work in you.”


On another day she said: “The Being has entered into you.”


The next day, she said: To bring down Immortality four pillars are needed. Of them

Purity is Kanai,
Faith is Tirupati,
Adoration is Rajangam,
Aspiration is Champaklal.”[2]

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