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“Nirodbaran: By the way, who are the Chaldeans?

Sri Aurobindo: They are the ancient Babylonians who came to be known as Sumerians. In the places they occupied, archaeologists have found several things like those at Mohenjodaro.”[1]

“I have recollections (for me, these are always things I have LIVED), very clear, very distinct recollections of a time that was certainly VERY anterior to the Vedic times and to the Cabala, to the Chaldean tradition.
         But now, there is only a very small number of people in the West who know that it isn't merely subjective or imaginative (the result of a more or less unbridled imagination), and that it corresponds to a universal truth.”[2]

“Those who have seriously studied the methods of evolution laid down in all the great centres of initiation, in Chaldea, in Tibet, in China, in Egypt, in India, in Cappadocia, will find them everywhere identical in substance behind their varied forms.
         For all these methods of development can be epitomised in one sublime teaching, the very teaching that Pythagoras gave to his disciples and which Mr. Han Byner has told us about.
         The Self of each individual and the great universal Self are one; we bear God within ourselves.”[3]

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