Centre of Research in Indian Culture (CIC)

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The Centre for Research in Indian Culture (CIC) was set up in 1984 in one of the unfinished pavilions of Bharat Nivas, the Pavilion of India, situated in the International Zone of Auroville. Its main purpose was to bring into focus the work that Bharat Nivas, when completed, would undertake in a fuller manner.

The specific aims of CIC were three-fold:

  1. In pursuance of the spiritual work done by Sri Aurobindo and the The Mother, to carry out research into the newer dimensions of being and of life with a view to discovering the possibilities of the future
  2. To explore afresh – with the consciousness of the modern age – the ancient truths of the Indian experience of reality, and to apply those truths to the issues and situations of contemporary life
  3. To create a physical space within Auroville where the characteristic “feel”, “vibration” and “dynamics” of the Indian experience of life and reality could be made tangible and pervasive

The Centre organises activities within Auroville such as symposiums, classes and exhibitions, and acts as a connection between Auroville and the wider academic world through participation in conferences in India and abroad.

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  • Phone: 0413-2622253
  • Email: cicbn (at) auroville.org.in