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(A selection.)


50 Poems from Auroville.jpg
50 Poems from Auroville
edited by Vikas Vickers
  Auroville Dream and Reality.jpg
Auroville: Dream and Reality
an anthology
edited by Akash Kapur
  Growth and Blossoming cover.jpg
An Integral Education for
Growth and Blossoming

by Fabrice Dini
  Pebble cover.jpg
by R. Meenakshi
  Auroville in Mothers Words I.jpg
Auroville in Mother's Words – I
by Gilles Guigan
Yusuf and the Little Mouse.jpg
Yusuf and the
Little Mouse

narrated by the Mother
The Process of the Integral Yoga.jpg
The Process of
the Integral Yoga

compiled by Paulette
The Smile of the Acacia.jpg
The Smile of
the Acacia

by Marie Demont


The Treasure of the Flame Island icon.jpg
“The Treasure of the
Flame-Island” by Emanuele


Butterfly of Light.jpg
“Butterfly of Light”
by Emanuele


My First Sunbeam.jpg
“My First Sunbeam”
by Emanuele

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