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Auroville learned in May 2017 that it had been chosen by Bajaj Auto to receive a grant of Rs. 1,00,00,000 (1 crore) under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme. SAIIER was chosen to administer this grant. SAIIER made a call to the Auroville community for projects that might be supported with the grant, taking into consideration the purpose for which the grant was given: ‘Promoting Education’. 48 abstracts were submitted to SAIIER by members of the community; these were reviewed by the SAIIER Board for their applicability and potential for support under the Bajaj CSR scheme.

Twenty of the 48 abstracts were selected for elaboration, and the project holders for these were requested to submit a detailed project proposal. Once received, the detailed proposals were reviewed and discussed by the SAIIER Board, clarifications were solicited from the project holders as needed, and a decision was made for each project. Of the 20 projects, 12 were chosen to receive full or partial support.

Throughout the 2017-18 financial year SAIIER coordinated with these projects, activating and following their work and producing quarterly reports to Bajaj.

1. Garden of Indian Culture and Heritage at Auroville Botanical Gardens

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Garden of Indian Culture and Heritage.jpg
PDF (6 pages)

2. ‘kNOw PLASTICS’ Educational Programme, by WasteLess

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 kNOw PLASTICS Educational Programme.jpg
PDF (11 pages)

3. STEM iSmart Classroom and Training Center

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 STEM iSmart Classroom.jpg
PDF (5 pages)

4. Promotion of sports and culture in Auroville and the Bioregion, by Auroville Sports Resource Centre.

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Promotion of sports and culture in Auroville and the Bioregion.jpg
PDF (3 pages)

5. Scholarship and Education Fund

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Scholarship and Educational Fund.jpg
PDF (2 pages)
          Q4 08 SEF Survey 2018.jpg
PDF (17 pages)

6. Upcycling Studio Gallery and Permanent Exhibition at the Visitor's Center

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Upcycling Studio Gallery and Permanant Exhibition.jpg
PDF (3 pages)

7. Isai Ambalam School Transformation Program

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Isai Ambalam School Transformation Program.jpg
PDF (9 pages)

8. Sanitation Education in Boodheri village, by EcoPro

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Sanitation Education in Boodheri.jpg
PDF (7 pages)

9. Creating Awareness of Azolla Production among Adolescents and Promoting Azolla Cultivation by Farmers in the Auroville Bioregion, by Pitchandikulam Forest

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Creating Awareness of AzollaProduction.jpg
PDF (9 pages)

10. Awareness programs for a plastic-free world, by Kuilapalayam Cultural Centre

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Awareness programs for a plastic-free world.jpg
PDF (4 pages)

11. Blue Rays Ultimate Frisbee Development Program

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Blue Rays Ultimate Frisbee Development Program.jpg
PDF (8 pages)

12. Completion of Watchtower at Auroville Botanical Gardens

SAIIER Bajaj 2017-18 Watchtower at Auroville Botanical Gardens.jpg
PDF (2 page)

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