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“To believe or not to believe in the possibility of avatarhood can make no difference to the bare fact. If God chooses to manifest in a human body I do not see how any human thought, approval or disapproval can affect in the least His decision; and if He takes birth in a body, the denial of men cannot prevent the fact from being a fact. So what is there to get excited about.”[1]

“The question is what Power is manifested, from where does one bring it? For instance, Napoleon had a certain power but that does not mean that he had a spiritual consciousness. So there may be power or powers but no spiritual Consciousness. The higher up one goes one finds that the ordinary man is left far behind him. Men cannot reach him and so his power cannot work upon them.
         Again, you cannot expect work from the Avatar in the same way as from all men. He can work directly upon universal forces and thus work in humanity without seemingly doing anything and nobody can know what work he has done.”[2]

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