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The Auroville Health Centre offers basic curative, preventive and rehabilitative services. It serves the Auroville community as well as daily patients from the villages at its main centre near Aspiration and its seven sub-centres. A team of 22 local women trained as village health workers serve supportively in 17 villages, giving first aid, home advice and basic health education.

The Auroville Health Centre also runs a 6-bed in-patient facility, a medical lab, an X-ray facility, a pharmacy and offers several preventive health programmes to village women and children.


The Auroville Health Centre opened in 1969, when the Mother allocated Rs. 5,000 to start a dispensary in a thatched hut in the area now known as Douceur. The community of Aspiration was not yet built. There were hardly any Aurovilians living in the area at that time, and the dispensary was created mainly to serve the villagers from nearby Kuilapalayam. The dispensary expanded rapidly. By the end of 1973 a permanent structure, designed by Piero, had been built with donations from an individual benefactor, the Government of India, and Auroville.

In February 2014, the Aravind Eye Hospital opened a Vision Centre inside the Auroville Health Centre.

The Health Centre is recognized as a Mini Health Centre by the Tamil Nadu State Government.


  • Location: Aspiration community, Kuilapalayam
  • E-mail: avhealth (at)