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Auroville Community Transport (ACT) runs a daily shuttle bus from Auroville to Pondicherry. The more general aims of ACT are to :

  • Encourage and facilitate the use of Public Transport in Auroville
  • Promote and develop an ecosystem for human-powered mobility
  • Promote research in development and use of alternative energy in transport vehicles

ACT key projects are: electrical bicycles, e-mopeds and e-rickshaws as well as e-public transport for Auroville and eventually the paving of Auroville’s road network.


Articles about Auroville Community TransportYear
News & Notes 643:ACT closed2016

ACT Bus Schedule

Starts from Auroville (Verité), Returns from Pondy (Ashram)

The stops are: Verité / Town Hall / Solar Kitchen Gate / Certitude Gate / SBI / Last School / Repos ECR / Quiet ECR / Puducherry Lotus Hotel / Ashram Dining Hall

Remember you need your travel pass prior to boarding the bus as the driver is not equipped to deliver travel passes. Travel Passes are now available from Financial Service (Town Hall and Aspiration), Quiet Healing Center, Guest Service and participating GuestHouses.
Anybody with a 'Pour Tous' Account can obtain a travel pass.

The pass is valid for ten boardings, and costs 250,- Rs. It is not personal and has no expiery date.
We thank you to support this service: our participation makes or breaks it.


ACT started in 2009. The team launching the project consisted of Chandresh (coordination), Anand (financial/program analysis), Taj (logistics & outreach), Hari (SAIIER transport executive) and Tharani (mechanic & logistics). The team worked from the SaraCon building in the Industrial Zone of Auroville in consultation with Hari of SAIIER who is working from the Service Area of Auroville. The buses are registered as private service vehicles. They are operating under City Services.

ACT closed in April, 2016.