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You could read this firstly in Entrance Dreamspace, hosted by Dreamcatchers.

It is important that we consider alternative means of connecting with Pondicherry, not only to help avoid the ever increasing traffic and pollution which we have witnessed recently, but also to help save the earth’s valuable oil reserves.

The existing bus service is an obvious help in this regard; however, it would need to be more regular to encourage more people to use it, and ultimately as the population of Auroville grows there should be shuttle services which run all the time from each of the ‘Transfer Nodes’.

The proposed East Coast Rail link, connecting Chennai and Pondicherry, might also run between Auroville and Kuilayapalayam and if we imagine a station at this point there could conceivably be regular local trains into Pondicherry.

One other idea was to develop a ‘Bubble Car’ similar to those in some Expo sites, which would ferry people over the landscape from the Transfer Nodes to a location on the periphery of Pondicherry – a silent, inspiring way to traverse the landscape…