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Fourth generation AVnet in the making.

AVnet 3 was launched in 2003 and by 2008 it has created an active online community. However working groups of Auroville are not yet using the AVnet as a tool for colloborative work within a working group or among the working groups or with the community. Therefore the focus of AVnet 4 is to bring working groups as the focal point to make AVnet into an organisational tool.


AVnet is evnvisioned as central nervouls system of Auroville where collective self awareness can be objectively manifested and made accessible to all its members.

We envision increased collective self awareness leading towards quicker and rapid conscious collective action.

AVnet 3 brought community online

AVnet 4 will focus on bring working groups online and help in organisational work.

  • Create desktop for working groups of Auroville
  • Mediate and automate organisational processes


At present following people are working on this project

  • Manoj - Project coordinator
  • Martin - Server support
  • Muana - User perspective
  • Sathish - Usability consultant from Bangalore
  • Sukrit  - Programming consutant from Bangalore
  • Ulli - Guidance and financing

Chronology of development

First meeting took place on 14th in Townhall Cafe. It was attended by Manoj, Martin, Mauna, Satish, Sukrit and Ulli

Two brainstorming sessions were orgainsed on 15th and 16th in Aurelec attended by Manoj, Martin, Sathish, Sukrit and Ulli.

Things to do