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Auronet Is a community network which facilitates electronic communication within Auroville and outside, and also provides Internet access for residents and guests of Auroville. Auronet provides the following services:

  1. E-mail: to start an e-mail account contact the browsing centre at the Solar Kitchen or Sysop. Report e-mail-related issues to For technical advice contact or phone 262-2084.Email accounts featuring the domain are reserved for the use of residents of Auroville.
  2. Browsing Centre: There is a browsing centre located on top of the Solar Kitchen, open 9am-9pm Mon-Sat, early closing Thursday at 4pm, and Sunday 1–9pm (phone 262-2524).
  3. Auronet (the intranet for Auroville – Location: Web Office, Multimedia Centre. Office time 9am-5pm Mon-Sat. Phone 262-3424; e-mail
  4. AuroWiki: Mainly overseen by the Auronet team, this is also done in collaboration with Blue Light, who conduct classes from time to time on how to use and contribute content to the Wiki.
  5. Public Websites: – products and services from Auroville – detailed info on certain specific features of Auroville. - Auroville Wiki

For more information contact the Web Office at the Multimedia Centre. For content updates it’s best to fix an appointment. Open 9am-5pm Mon-Sat. Phone 262-3424, or e-mail

Auronet comes under ADPS Trust.