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Asuraa Titan (daitya); a kind of anti-divine being of the mentalised vital plane; the sixth of the ten types of consciousness (dasha-gavas) in the evolutionary scale: mind concentrated on the buddhi; a being of a world of “might & glory”.[1]

What is their place in evolution? Could it be done without them?

There is the old idea of the Devas and the Asuras struggling to control the human evolution. The Asuras are responsible for the great complexity of the world, but in my opinion they are not a necessity.
          The Asuras realise themselves through revolt, suffering, struggle, pain and difficulty. The world could have evolved differently, like a flower blooming from inside to the outside, but forces of the Asuric type entered the play and prevented it. This is a truth known to any religion – the snake tempting Prakriti and Prakriri deceiving Purusha. There is also the parable of the Devas endeavouring to do some work and the Asuras coming and disturbing it all.

How can one be safe against the Asuric influence?

Through purity and sincerity one is secure from their possession. They can give you blows, they can deceive and fog your mind, but if you have the white light, there is no definitive fall and you will go through.”[2]

“Do you know the four Asuras?

No. I don’t know them.

Do you know what the origin of these four Asuras is? (To another child) Who knows this?

You had once told us in class.

Yes, surely; that’s just why I am asking you about it, to find out if you remember the things I tell you!

You said there were four divine forces: Love, Light, Truth and the opposite of Death.

And what?

(Another child, laughing) Life!


Then these four forces separated from the Divine and changed into falsehood...

Yes, it is something like that! It is something like that!
         Light or Consciousness, Ananda or Love, Life and Truth.
         Then Light or Consciousness became Darkness and Inconscience. Love and Ananda became Hatred and Suffering, and Truth became Falsehood, and Life became Death. Well, it is the first two... but not exactly in the same conditions. The first is converted and works, but he has refused to take a human body, he says it is a limitation in his work; perhaps one day he will take one, but for the time being he refuses. The second is converted and has of his own will been dissolved. He has dissolved into his origin. And the last two are holding out well.
         The one of Death tried to incarnate. But he could not get converted. He tried to incarnate, which is something very rare. But it was a partial, not a total incarnation. That is difficult for them, a total incarnation. Human bodies are quite small, human consciousnesses are too small.
         As for the other, he has emanations which are very active in certain human bodies and have played a big role in the recent history of the earth!”[3]

“[T]he power to make light spring forth in the place of darkness, beauty in the place of ugliness, goodness instead of evil, that power man possesses, the Asura does not. Therefore it is man who will do that work, it is he who will change, it is he who will transform his earth and it is he who will compel the Asura to flee into other worlds or to dissolve.”[4]

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