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No. 1, 15 August 1914

Arya first issue - 15 August 1914.jpg
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(Sri Aurobindo writing about himself, 1930):
“In 1914 after four years of silent Yoga he began the publication of a philosophical monthly, the Arya. Most of his more important works, those published since in book form, the Isha Upanishad, the Essays on the Gita, and others not yet published, the Life Divine, the Synthesis of Yoga, appeared serially in the Arya. These works embodied much of the inner knowledge that had come to him in his practice of Yoga. Others were concerned with the spirit and significance of Indian civilisation and culture, the true meaning of the Vedas, the progress of human society, the nature and evolution of poetry, the possibility of the unification of the human race.”[1]

(K. Amrita:) “One day at the beginning of September I took up a copy of the first issue of the Arya from the table on the long verandah upstairs in Sri Aurobindo’s house and started reading the first article of the series, “The Life Divine”, written by Sri Aurobindo, just loudly enough for myself to hear. I read it over and over again. Great thoughts clothed in great words — I could not at all comprehend! However, it was sweet to read and reread it. It was as if someone else in me was comprehending all that was read!
         As I was reading, Sri Aurobindo came, stood in front of the table and kept listening to my reading. When I put down the copy of the Arya and lifted my head I saw Sri Aurobindo standing there. I told him that the reading was delightful but nothing could be grasped.
         Sri Aurobindo heard all that I said and replied, ‘It is not necessary to understand it all at once. Go on reading. If you find a joy in reading, you need not stop it.’”[2]

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  2. Ibid., Extract from K. Amrita, “Old Long Since”, in Nolini Kanta Gupta and K. Amrita, Reminiscences

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