Animals Living in AV Forests

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The following Animals have been seen by Aurovilians

This list was created after a discussion of what wild life people have seen.

Animal Where seen When Comments/Information

Big Cats near Aurogreen mid December 2008 A small leopard-like creature, spots, ponted ears

Civet Cats

If we would have not so much stray dogs we had much more 
animals - there are some rabbits,warran,civic cat,sometimes monkey visiting. 
Deer Pichandikulam bridge Nov '07, 6.30pm Are stags deer? Then AV has deer. 

"Hirsch = stag 
Deer = das Reh, der Hirsch"  of course, i have seen a spotted Reh, twice; 
I saw a deer by the Pichandikulam bridge a year ago around 6.30pm ... and i have heard about a Panther around Forcomers .. it seems a guest and an Aurovilian had seen it on two different occasions .... "There used to be deer once upon a time in Utility, when I was staying there. There were only a couple, but one of them was aggressive and used to sneak up and attack you, usually from behind, when walking by yourself through the community. Left you with a bruise!"

Jackals Utility canyon
Since many years
We hear them at night. It sets the dogs howling.

Monitors (udumbuwarran?) Certitude
mid-November '08
By warran, do you mean monitor lizard (Varanus bengalensis)? I have never heard that term before... In Tamil it is called 'udumbu'
Hi priya, he never told me his name,he runs very fast like a crocodile,likes also to sleep lazy in the sun and here I found 
Varanus indicus rouxi (Indian Monitor Lizard -German : Waran. 
In the past six months (April-October 09), we have noticed 2 baby monitor lizards in the community. One large monitor was glimpsed on our walk to the canyon. He ran very fast, thankfully our dog couldn't catch it.


Porcupines Pitchandikulam Aug '07, 7pm Crossing main tar road.  Medium size, long quills.


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