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Aha! Kindergarten is a school for Auroville children of ages 3 to 7 years. At Aha! we consciously create an environment to show the beauty of life – admiring nature, exposure to various art forms (dance, music, painting) and various fields of work (farming, work places) by inviting artists and experts in those fields. We focus on the overall development of each child (physical, vital, mental, psychic) through various activities.

Approach, Methods and Curricula

Inspired by the vision and principles of Integral Education, the objectives of Aha! are:

  • To create a facilitating environment for children where they feel free to explore, interact, discover and develop faculties and parts of their being.
  • To encourage parent participation in creating such an environment and facilitation so that there is a continuum established between the home and the school.
  • To initiate a process of self-discovery and insight, and kindle the active imagination of the being towards knowledge.

Physical education aims at developing the motor skills (gross and fine), overall general energy, stamina, and flexibility.

Vital education aims at sensorial development, socialization, communication, and interaction skills.

Mental education aims at developing the span of concentration, imagination, observation and will power.

Psychic education aims at developing their individuality and uniqueness of the child.


One of the major thrust areas for Aha! is bridge-building between the Home and the School. Parents are encouraged to learn about and engage in discussions with the team about integral philosophy as we see it. Parents are deeply involved in snack-making, washing, arranging, reading, building, walking, and playing with the children. All this has allowed the children to see Aha! as an extension of home and thus they are comfortable in the space. Sensitive children have felt supported and out-going children have experienced a space for self-expression. Adopting the Aha! approach and taking that approach home has benefited both the parents and children allowing the adults and children to progress through daily challenges into relationships of mutual respect.


Aha! Kindergarten started its first year in July 2011, with 6 children from Auroville.[1]


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  • Email: ahaauroville (at) gmail.com

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