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Mother's Agenda 1969
February 15, 1969

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February 15, 1969

Just one thing, this atmosphere, this [superman] Consciousness is very active, and active like a mentor, as I already told you. And it's going on. One of these last few mornings, for a few hours early in the morning, it was ... Never, never had the body been so happy! It was the complete Presence, absolute freedom, and a certitude: these cells, other cells (gesture here and there showing other bodies), it didn't matter, it was life everywhere, consciousness everywhere.

Absolutely wonderful.

It came effortlessly, and it left simply because ... I was too busy. It doesn't come at will — what comes at will is what we might call a ‘copy’: it looks like it, but it's not THE Thing. The Thing ... There is something wholly independent of our aspiration, our will, our effort ... wholly independent. And this something appears to be absolutely all-powerful, in the sense that none of the body's difficulties exists. At such times, everything disappears. Aspiration, concentration, effort ... no use at all. And it's the DIVINE SENSE, you understand, that's what having the divine sense means. During these few hours (three or four hours), I understood in an absolute way what having the divine consciousness in the body means. And then, this body, that body, that other body ... (gesture here and there, all around Mother), it doesn't matter: it moved about from one body to another, quite free and independent, aware of the limitations or the possibilities of each body — absolutely wonderful, I had never, ever had this experience before. Absolutely wonderful. It left because I was so busy that ... and it didn't leave because it had just come to show ‘how it is’ — that's not it: it's because life and the organization of life (gesture like a truckload being dumped) engulf you.

I know it's there (gesture in the background), I know it is, but ... But that's a transformation as I understand it! And clearly, in people it could express itself — not something vague, clearly — in this man, in that woman, in ... (same gesture here and there), quite clearly. And with a Smile! …

The cells themselves were saying their effort to be transformed, and there was a Calm .... (How can I explain this? ...) The body was saying its aspiration and will to prepare itself, and, not asking but striving to be what it should be; all that always with this question (it's not the body that asks it, it's ... the environment, those around — the world, as if the world were asking the question): “Will it continue, or will it have to dissolve? ...” The body is like this (gesture of abandon, hands open upward), it says, “What You will, Lord.” But then, it knows the question is decided, and One doesn't want to tell it — it accepts. It doesn't lose patience, it accepts, it says, “Very well, it will be as You will.” But That which knows and That which doesn't answer is ... something that can't be expressed. It is ... yes, I think the only word that can describe the sensation it gives is ‘an Absolute’ — an Absolute. Absolute. That's the sensation: of being in the presence of the Absolute. The Absolute: absolute Knowledge, absolute Will, absolute Power ... Nothing, nothing can resist. And then this Absolute (there's this sensation, concrete) is so merciful! But if we compare it with all that we regard as goodness, mercy ... ugh! that's nothing at all. It's THE Mercy with the absolute power and ... it's not Wisdom, not Knowledge, it's ... It has nothing to do with our process. And That is everywhere, it's everywhere. It's the body's experience. And to That it has given itself entirely, totally, without asking anything — anything. A single aspiration (same gesture, hands open upward), “To be capable of being That, what That wills, of serving That” — not even ‘serving’, of BEING That.

But that state, which lasted for several hours ... never had this body, in the ninety-one years it's been on earth, felt such happiness: freedom, absolute power, and no limits (gesture here and there and everywhere), no limits, no impossibilities, nothing. It was ... all other bodies were itself. There was no difference, it was only a play of the consciousness … (gesture like a great Rhythm) moving about.

So there.

Apart from that, all the rest is as usual.

(long silence)

But apart from that, the work is becoming more and more exacting: the number of people is increasing a lot, and I see them for a longer time too — everyone has more to say. But I very clearly feel (that is, the body very clearly feels) that it's part of the training.

It seems to be like this: the body must hold out, otherwise, too bad, it will be for another time.

All human excuses seem to me like childishness.

That's something strange: all human qualities and faults look like childishness — foolishness. Strange. And it's not a thought: it's a concrete sensation. Like a lifeless substance; all ordinary things are like a substance lacking life — TRUE life. Artificial and false. It's strange.

It's not so much in others, that's not it: it's the inner training. And this true Consciousness, this true Attitude is something so tre-mendous-ly strong, powerful, in such smiling PEACE! So smiling, incapable of getting angry — that's absolutely impossible — so smiling, so smiling ... and watching.


The special character of this new consciousness is: no half-measures, no approximations. That's its character. It doesn't accept the idea, “Oh, yes, we'll do that, and little by little we'll ...” No, no, not like that: it's yes or no, you can or cannot.

You know, there's a considerable increase in the people who want to see me, and in the influences when they see me, the effects when they see me (which don't at all correspond to a will or a consciousness or anything — that no longer exists: it works or doesn't work), and seen like that, it's: either you hold out and can do the work, or else, too bad.

That's how it is, you understand.

I first wondered whether this profusion of people was the result of reading the Bulletin (what we published in November), but many of them have never touched the Bulletin, never seen it. So ... it must be the action of this Consciousness.


It's really like a GRACE, you know, as if: don't waste time — don't waste time, you must do the work, or else ...

But this tremendous Power is especially this, a mercy, a clemency! ... No, there are no words, we have no words to describe that, it's something ... Just paying attention and ... it's bliss. Just turning one's attention to that side, immediately it's bliss. And I understand (it made me understand certain things), the stories of people who, in the midst of torture, felt bliss — that's how it is. A bliss.

Here, this is it:

(Mother holds out to Satprem a white hibiscus, “Divine Grace”)