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Mother's Agenda 1967
May 17, 1967

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May 17, 1967

I don't know if you would be interested in this: I've read an article on the electric power of cells.[1]


An Italian professor did some research in Mexico. He says: “Human cells can generate enough electrical energy to electrocute another human being standing eighteen feet away. Dr. Ruggiero, who feels that his experiments in human cells may result in the cure of paralysis, says that an electrical energy screen generated by human cells could be used to stop bullets. Electrical energy could make a ‘human dynamo’ capable not only of inflicting death, but of literally walking on air. By connecting cables to the human frame, human cells could produce energy and light sufficient to activate power needs in the average home or small manufacturing units. In experiments in his Mexico City laboratory, Dr. Ruggiero has produced a current in a goat with which the animal has lit a series of forty-watt bulbs and activated an electric door bell....”

But it's been known for a long time that cats, the skin of cats is full of electricity. It was used in the past to cure rheumatism.

He says this electricity could be used to reactivate dead or paralyzed or cancerous cells.... And he concludes, “The human body is virtually a living dry cell. The era of human electric energy is close at hand.”

It's the same thing as magnetic force. It's all the same Force! Ultimately it seems to be the expression of the Power mingled with the different states (gesture in levels): the mental, the vital, or the purely material form where it would become electricity.[2]

I think that's what it is.

When I had gatherings in Paris and followed Théon's system (he didn't call them meditations but ‘repose’: “having repose together”), at the time, during our gatherings a kind of vibration of light would flow out of my fingers (it was visible to the naked eye), but it was like electricity. And that was a concentrated vital force. It was visible as a vibration of light flowing out of my fingers.

It must be the same thing.

Ultimately, everything is the same, it's only different aspects of the same thing (same gesture in levels).

I remember, the first time I gave X [a Tantric] a flower, my fingers touched his and he almost jumped; then, when he went out, he said to someone that there was a kind of vibration or ... (I forget his words) a current, I don't know, which went through his whole body, like an electric current. He simply touched my fingers when I gave him the flower.

I think all this is the same thing, only it's their material notation of the Fact. That's all. To their intelligence it becomes much more real and concrete, but it's the same thing.

The Lord in electric vibrations! (Mother laughs)

*       *

Towards the end

The action is going double-quick.... We'll see later.

  1. Sunday Standard, May 14, 1967.
  2. Dr. Ruggiero further notes: “All my experiments of the past few years have been motivated by the conviction that cells never atrophy and that, as accumulators of energy, they can be used to recharge cells of the same type which may have been inactivated through sickness. My theory is that so-called atrophied cells are those whose energy has been discharged. They can be reactivated simply by recharges drawn from other cells of the patient, and function normally as before.”