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Timings and Location(s)

AVIS is located in Unity Pavilion in the International Zone.
Every morning from 9:00 am to 12:00 am
phone 262 2121 (Unity Pavilion) or 262 2367 (home)
email at study@auroville.org.in.

General Information and Background

AVIS was created 8 years ago to orientate the first students and volunteer workers who visited Auroville and help them find internships sample overview. In 2009 around 400 applicants have requested an internship through AVIS, (many more are directly contacting places like Sadhana Forest or Earth Institute), but the hosting capacity of AV units/services/project holder is limited so far. AVIS is currently investigating the potential workplaces where additional human resources from India and from abroad would help. At the moment, AVIS is understaffed and is working with volunteers, but is willing to enlarge its team in a short future.

Members and Affiliations

AV Guest Service is responding to short term volunteer work requests, while AVIS is processing the requests of a certain duration (one month to one year), encouraging reasonably long commitments, and is daily in contact by email and phone with all the units or groups or services of Auroville in need of volunteers and students. AVIS also maintains relations with Auroville International centres around the world.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of AVIS is educational. Objectives are:

  • to facilitate learning opportunities for students and volunteer professionals in Auroville
  • to provide Units and Services of Auroville with qualified and motivated students and professionals willing to contribute to their activities and projects
  • to offer assistance and mentoring service, if necessary to both students/volunteers or hosting units coordinators
  • to promote partnerships with world educational institutions for students exchanges and cooperation.

For any information about needs of volunteers or students, opportunities for hosting a foreign young from abroad to experience Auroville, contact Dominique.