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The Auroville Council (AVC) and has an overall mandate to coordinate the objectives of the working groups of Auroville and to ensure that they function according to their individual mandates. It also helps in their relations with the residents of Auroville and deals with emergency and conflict issues, arranging mediation and arbitration whenever necessary. The AVC is normally composed of up to 9 members, who usually hold office for a period of 2 years, but may be re-appointed.

The AVC works closely with the Auroville Working Committee (WC).


Reports from the Auroville CouncilYear
News & Notes 790:New Human Resource Initiative2019
News & Notes 794:Auroville Council report – February 20192019
News & Notes 779:Appeal Process and timeframes reminder for the community2018
News & Notes 739:Av Council Report of November, December and January 2017-20182018
News & Notes 744:Prime Minister’s visit2018
News & Notes 762:AV Council Report of May June July 20182018
News & Notes 770:Addressing Community Conflicts2018
News & Notes 775:AV Council Report of August, September and October 20182018
News & Notes 687:Auroville Council Report for November, December 2016 and January 20172017
News & Notes 693:Information for Aurovilians about last wills & testaments2017
News & Notes 699:Auroville Council Report for February, March and April, 20172017
News & Notes 711:Auroville Council Report for May, June and July 20172017
News & Notes 675:AVCouncil report from the month of August to beginning of November 20162016
News & Notes 680:Pool of Silent Listeners / Observers2016
News & Notes 636:AVC Report2016
News & Notes 664:A short report on the Team Building Workshop for the new Entry Service Secretariat2016
News & Notes 661:AVC Report for the months of May, June and July2016
News & Notes 660:On Feedback procedure2016
News & Notes 649:Auroville Council report for the months of February, March and April2016


  • Office: Town Hall
  • Email: avcouncil (at)

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