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Board of services
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Timings: 9-12 am
Location: Prosperity office in Solar Kitchen


Coordination of services

General Information and Background

Started in April 2008, following a request of the FAMC in 2003, the Board of Services is similar to the (Auroville) Board of Commerce (ABC) as it stimulates discussion and coordination of Auroville's aims and ideals related to the Services activities and Services economy in Auroville.

Servicelink is the name of the office coordination/suport team which handles issues and requests. Facilitated meetings are organized and information published for general readership on a regular basis.

Members and Affiliations

In principle, all activities providing a service to the permanent residents of Auroville are considered "Services" and so de facto members of the Board of Services, although active participation in the forum is voluntary. A major area of work for the Board of Services is in promoting Mother's vision of an in-kind (cash-free) economy of exchange within Auroville, and so of the 5 general categories of Services work (Administrative, Municipal, Education, Prosperity & Outreach), it is the Prosperity Services (ie: those providing essential services as a part of Auroville's basic material support for its residents) which form the core of the work associated with the organization.

Aims and Objectives

Servicelink aims at close collaboration with the group aspiring to provide the community with a complete financial overview, the Budget Coordination Committee, though its focus is not exclusively "financial", rather aiming at an integration of all aspects of service providing, from management skills and quality communication to user satisfaction and overall resource sharing.


Reports from the Auroville Board of ServicesYear
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