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Mother's Agenda 1965
(Volume 6)

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PDF (229 pages)

Articles from 1965Author
=1 "=1 War"P. Daniel
=1 "Advice to a young computer"The Old Computer
=1 "All teaching is a revealing"Medhananda
=1 "Anno Domini 3000"
=1 "Anticipation news"
=1 "Anticipation"
=1 "Computer stories"The Old Computer
=1 "Computer wisdom"The Old Computer
=1 "Education for a greater consciousness"
=1 "From amoeba to star"Medhananda
=1 "I am glad I am a pagan"Te Ana Vava
=1 "I became an animal"
=1 "In each of us"Benedictus Montecrossa
=1 "Learning by =1"Space Traveller
=1 "Let not man put asunder!"Medhananda
=1 "Letters to the editor"
=1 "Monkey festival"T. M. Radiata
=1 "No parking on a launching pad"
=1 "Nothing can be taught"Medhananda
=1 "Only imagination"P. Daniel
=1 "Propaganda and the Word"Benedictus Montecrossa
=1 "Psychology of the heights"
=1 "Revolt of the angels"Popi Tané
=1 "School plays and tests for teaching programmes of 2065"
=1 "Sinner or god?"Benedictus Montecrossa
=1 "Sodom and the Just"P. Daniel
=1 "Super-intelligences on the borders of time"
=1 "Symbols of the soul"Yvonne Artaud
=1 "That mysterious entity called soul"Medhananda
=1 "The 2 ways of knowledge"P. Daniel
=1 "The equals and the unequals"Benedictus Montecrossa
=1 "The festival of our age"
=1 "The iceberg"
=1 "The imprisoned splendour"
=1 "The last man"Te Ana Vava
=1 "The way through"
=1 "Valedictory address of the year 2006"
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