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You can't stop

by Benedictus Montecrossa

Biological science assures us that the forefathers of the giraffes grew longer and longer necks because they acquired and enjoyed the habit of picking those leaves which the other leaf-eaters left. Men's lengthening necks are psychic, what becomes visible of him is his machinery: his jet planes, his rockets, his deep-sea submarines.

We have the habit of saying that the long legs of the giraffe, the long trunks of the elephants are natural, but that our machines are artificial. Yet a visitor from space observing from a flying saucer our highways with our Cadillacs and our Volkswagens will as surely think of them as products of earth life as we do of a snail shell or a bird's nest or a beehive.

The case for or against the machine was decided 800,000 years ago when our primate ancestor, who had already started walking on two legs, picked up a stone in his free hand. From that stone to our laser beam is a direct line of evolution. And even if we would we could not stop the evolutionary force which will lead us some day as far beyond the laser beam as the laser is beyond the stone axe.

The national leader who did his best to turn his people back to the hand spinning wheel might as well have told them to chip arrowheads. The next generation in his country is building atomic reactors.

The stone-age man might be awed by our jet planes and rockets as something superhuman, but let us not be afraid of our children's children because of the even stranger powers they will have.

We may not like the name of that evolutionary trend that has led from the stone axe to the laser beam: ‘spiritualization’. But what else would you call something which becomes every day more subtle and sophisticated, more effortless, more powerful and more omnipresent – man's technology, the knowledge of how to do things?

It will be very surprising to future generations that our 20th century science really thought a random process of mutation could improve a species, or even produce a new species, indeed build a whole plant or animal kingdom on a planet. It's like a poker player who hopes to become a millionaire provided he can play long enough, let us say for 500 million years. Holy mutation, do something quickly!

Einstein's principle of equivalence, the impossibility of distinguishing between gravitational fields and acceleration, can be applied to biological fields and evolution. Evolution is simply an accelerating biological field.

Yoga is a rapid and concentrated evolution of the being.”

Sri Aurobindo
The Synthesis of Yoga, p.282
“Supermind and the Yoga of Works”