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Yoga for a 10-year-old

by Medhananda

We all know what space is, exterior space: the space between things which separates them and makes it possible for the stars, the animals, the plants, the electrons, the photons to have a place to run about, to dream, to dance. When we say, “I want to go there,” we cross that exterior space. It is that which we learn to measure in geometry, and one cannot understand the universe without being a geometrician.

But there is also an interior space, and this is not so easy to cross. It is right in ourselves, in the inside of our heart, as vast, as luminous, as full of stars and as complicated and interesting to explore as outer space. The science which teaches the interior astronauts to find their way from inner star to inner star is yoga.

The more we become acquainted with this inner space, the more we feel at home in it, the happier we become also in outer space.

In this inner universe there are no objects, no things as in the external universe. It is a world of forces. When we love somebody, that love comes from those inner spaces. When we know something deeply this knowledge comes from inside. And when we really enjoy something this joy also comes from deep inside.

If we are very courageous, if we are not afraid of the great silence and the emptiness and follow right up to their end the lines of forces which criss-cross, which come and go in those inner spaces, we will always find a friendly face. These faces, large or small, some people call angels and others call gods.

It is important for us that we meet our own protecting angel, our own god within: our inner sun, a sun for us alone, as big and warm and beautiful as the sun of the external world.

Then only will we always be able to know what to do, and not to do, and how to do the right things, how to become friend with all the forces of our inner space, our enchanted kingdom and build with their help our kingdom outside, our paradise on earth.