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Why is an apple red?

by Te Ana Vava

Question: What significance is there to the mysterious colours one sees during meditation?

Answer: Well, why do we see only colours? They are simply messages that come through only as colour, not as images. When all the circuits are open, extra-physical events can be captured by all the senses at the same time. Let us say a meeting with an angelic force would then be experienced by the olfactory as well as the visual, the auditory and the tactile perceptions. Generally only our visual senses are alert and the others very much asleep. Yet I am sure that our little mongoose, when he meets his guardian angel, meets him through the nose. You can see the little nose moving when he dreams, just as our eyes move when we dream.

Q: If most people experience the subtle worlds as colours, do the different colours tell us something?

A: Here to we are severely limited, at least in our language. We know one octave only instead of perhaps ten. The red ‘do’ can come again on a higher octave, still as red but with an intensity, a shining clearness which is not to be found in our dark physical redness, as the red autumn leaf in our hand is dull in comparison with those still on the tree, swinging against the sun. The higher the octave the more penetrating and lasting will be the effect of the vision on our whole mental, vital, physical being. The blinding lights of the higher worlds are described by our mystics and yogis as overwhelming in their impact, and a single flash can have after-effects for weeks and months, and will never be entirely forgotten.

But there are quiet lights too. There is especially the beautiful soft white light sometimes call the alabaster gate or the gate of pearl, which is like a smile and a caress and which brings the peace which is beyond human understanding.

Between these two extremes there are a thousand different lights – the reds of love, the violets of grace, the blues of wisdom and intuition, and the gold and diamond lights of all the heavenly hierarchies. Simply to make a list of them would have no meaning; they are there to be enjoyed.