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"The Eternity Game"
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What to do, in short

Playing the single card game

If the same card comes to you again and again, study it in depth.
It is your card, your way, your yoga.

1 One Go beyond
2 Self Recognize yourself in all
3 Two-in-One Play the cosmic play
4 Being Become what in being you are
5 Consciousness Don't repeat yourself, be creative
6 Bliss Recognize your uniqueness and be joy
7 Wisdom Let your consciousness grow, become higher, wider, deeper
8 Power Open yourself willingly to the forces of change
9 Love Love, without asking anything in return
10 Perfection Work patiently and consciously
11 Cosmos Be conscious that what you are doing has a cosmic meaning
12 Sun Let your light shine and try to link everything to everything else
13 Moon Step into the inner worlds
14 Star Hope and dare; become companion to the stars
15 Comet Don't forget you are a pilgrim of eternity
16 Mercury Follow your soul, your inner programme
17 Venus Call, the light is near
18 Earth Transform everything around you, make earth into heaven
19 Mars Be a soldier of the light
20 Asteroids Obey your intuition, exercise your capacities
21 Jupiter Study, learn, search beyond mind for the true knowledge
22 Saturn Acquire a new time sense, life is a festival
23 Urania Listen, live in resonance with your environment
24 Neptune Do not swim against the current
25 Pluto Remember: you are richer than you think
26 Aquarius Jump in, a new adventure awaits you
27 Pisces Trust, you stand at the very beginning of a new life
28 Aries Offer all you have, all you are, to your higher self
29 Taurus You are an instrument of a higher power, be firm in your decisions
30 Gemini Love your neighbor as yourself. He is.
31 Cancer Wait, don't act
32 Leo Be the king in your kingdom
33 Virgo Be ready for the call
34 Libra Go the middle way
35 Scorpio Have faith in yourself
36 Sagittarius Concentrate on your highest aim
37 Capricorn Worship on the summits of being
38 Fire Be open and plastic, inspiration will come like a bird of fire
39 Flame Let yourself be filled with enthusiasm, overcome all resistance, aspire to the heights
40 Vitality Take initiative
41 Heart Be simple and open
42 Word Be conscious of the power of your word
43 Will Say ‘yes’ to your destiny
44 Truth Reject falsehood, unveil the truth of yourself
45 Man-bird Don't worry, help is coming
46 Gate Knock, and the door will open
47 Humour Be cheerful, smile
48 Bee Collaborate, collect the honey
49 Dwarf Advance, take the next step
50 Giant Seek release from ego
51 Disciple Persevere and serve, there is no end to learning
52 Guru You will find your guru
53 Sage Love all, but do not attach yourself to any external thing
54 Lover Give yourself
55 Gnosis Know yourself
56 Man-lotus Evolve, follow your evolutionary programme
57 Child Don't take yourself too seriously, be like a child
58 Joy Be grateful, rejoice and be joy
59 Silence Be quiet, avoid idle talk, explore silence, it contains all things
60 Rebirth Coming or going, let your heart be happy
61 Evolution Let yourself be carried by the strong current of evolution
62 Eternity Try to see things with the eye of eternity
63 Infinity Widen, there is no end to yourself, everything is possible
64 Emptiness Go beyond mind, go beyond the beyond