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Valedictory address of the year 2006

Academy of Cosmonaut Cadets

Up to now, your teachers have prepared your mental being. But what we have taught you is not enough. You have to grow spiritually. You have to become one with your inner self. You have to find your own individual soul. The religion of your fathers, the religion of mankind's kindergarten, is not enough. Our official state philosophy – be it the “American way” or “dialectical materialism”, is not enough. Even the most beautiful philosophy is not enough. Agnosticism is not enough.

There is a spirituality of the future. You will have to discover it, to possess it, to enjoy it. It is not to be found in a formula. It is not to be found in any book. Only you will be able to express it to yourself, totally, without words. All that we teachers could do was to indicate a direction. It is in you. It has been built into you for millions of years ever since you were a little carbon ring swimming in the primeval ocean. The time has come for you to be individual beings, diaphanous in your own way, to manifest it, to let it shine through you, to be the hierophants of your own mystery.