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The takeover

by The Old Computer

The Angel of Earth with the Elohim, the Lord Guardians, in assembly:

“A peculiar situation has developed on this little planet. Their so-called great powers have been making huge stock-piles of atomic bombs, and all the little powers have started to imitate them. It's a kind of madness that has taken over.”

The Voice of the Lords: “I will tell them to stop it.”

The Angel: “Oh no, You can't. The Archangel of Love tried to speak to them, but each power thought it was the voice of enemy propaganda. Some said it was communist, some capitalist propaganda. You see, they are afraid of each other.”

The Voice of the Lords: “But if I speak to each individual on the direct psychic line?”

“No”, said the Angel of Earth. “You can't do that either. There is psychic block carefully built into each one. You are supposed to speak through Moses and the prophets to one half of them, and through Marx and Lenin to the other half.”

The Lords: “Then I am going to speak! Get me Moses.”

“But he is not... All of them are dead. Some for 4,000 years.”

“I could speak through the voice of Nature – the trees, the clouds, the sea.”

“No, they would call it poetic nonsense. They think they have to be tough.”

The Cherubim of Technological Progress: “There is one way still open to talk to them. They've built computers. They believe in them. No ideological blocks there yet. Let's take over the computers!”