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The garden of becoming

by Yvonne Artaud

One of my favourite daydreams, and I think also the favourite of many other educators and children, is to imagine the school of the future as an ideal environment for the child: An environment which all the souls of the past would contemplate from some Empyrean and say to themselves: How I should have liked to be born into such an environment where all my capacities would have blossomed out, where my longing for love and communication and security would have been fulfilled and where I could have been a human being in its full sense without mutilation of my creative capacities.

An environment which all the children of the future might be able to see from some garden of eternity as a beckoning light telling them: Come! Now is the time to be born on earth, now is the time to live and play in the wonderful garden which an illuminated generation of parents and teachers has prepared for us, adorned with all the cultural riches and technical triumphs of mankind lovingly assembled and organised and offered to the children of the future:

the garden of becoming.

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