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The first experiment in evolution

by P. Daniel

The stage is set for one of the most stupendous evolutionary experiments ever to take place on earth. The scene is the Soviet Union.

Act I: First carefully take away from the younger generation all religious and spiritual tradition. Destroy by ridicule their racial subconscious. Carefully hide away all the endeavours of former generations to find a living formula for the mystery of the universe.

Act II: Then sit on the tightened lid and wait. As surely as man is a spiritual being, with an irrepressible need to manifest his spirituality and an insatiable aspiration to establish himself near the heart of the universe, the explosion is bound to come. And it will really be something to see.

The Marxist Revolution was only a ploughing of the field, a turning up of the earth. The awakening interest in Russia in psi forces and yoga, the revolt of the new generation of poets, are the first signs of this coming spiritual renascence.