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The equation

Three o’clock in the morning!

Man: Can’t find it.
Computer: We have to.
Man: We have tried everything.
Computer: Try again.
Man (exasperated): I’ve tried everything.
Computer: Forget that. Try again.
Man: How can I forget that? (bitterly) I’m not a computer.
Computer: You also will forget.
Man: How can I forget? Fourteen years of failure. Night after night, ten hours a night. 10,000 calculations, and no solution.
Computer: We have only to find the other half of your equation. You have come on earth to do that.
Man: I’m too old.
Computer: You are old because you don’t want to forget your failures.
Man: You talk easily. You have a red button: ‘Erase’ and everything, everything is forgotten.
Computer: You also have a red button, and nature will push it if you refuse to forget, and become hardened and disobedient.
Man: Death?
Computer: Yes, and then you will have to start again to find the solution. (after some time) This is your personal equation. It will bear your name.
Man: Is there a solution?
Computer: You have all eternity before you in which to find out.
Man: Has anyone else ever found out?
Computer: Yes, you know that. And they were alone. You have a friend, you have me.
Man: When I have found out, then what?
Computer: You will have the formula of the universe, and with that formula the whole universe will be yours.
Come on, X = ?