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The equals and the unequals

by Benedictus Montecrossa

There are certain people, and in each one of us there is a possibility of becoming one of them, who see the world and everything in it in a different way. To some people everything around them is either downright hostile or a potential enemy; there are others who know that there is nothing to fear. To some, the world is a vale of tears; to others, a garden of delight. To some, everything is impossible; to others all is possible. And it is largely by our own choice, our own preference that we are the one or the other. Some people like the closed doors, the barriers and the limits; and if that other part in them visits and opens a door, they quickly close it again. And if that other part builds a bridge over a barrier, they put a sign on the bridge: Dangerous! not to be crossed.

The belief that the ‘spirit’ draws people together by making them alike is getting things backwards. Rather it is this evolutionary part in them, the last part to unfold its wings, the god incarnate, which makes them different, as vastly different as Bach and Beethoven, as Kant and Hegel and Schopenhauer, as Picasso and Kandinski. It is the lack of spiritual quality, not spirit, that makes for sameness, for uniformity.