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The Univercity

Auroville, conceived as an homage to Sri Aurobindo, the creative pioneer of integral education and human unity, is projected as an entirely new concept of education and urban living. It is a university city, in the sense that all its citizens are dedicated to education, to evolution without end, and it stands self-consciously as a city of the universe, a continuously developing microcosm, a world of contemporary, here-and-now human experience.

Auroville will be first and foremost an experimental city, a laboratory of consciousness, a place in which to try out new ways for men to live together, with a special mission to discover a consciousness common and essential to all, yet high enough to satisfy and challenge and fulfil our children's children.

It is being entirely planned by a team of international experts as the first planetary city. The whole planet is invited to contribute or to take part in its construction. In line with Auroville's dedication, it belongs to all mankind for the creation of understanding and peace.

In response to the most urgent need of our still-undeveloped planet, it is pre-eminently an educational city, whose every building, every institution will fulfil primarily an educational purpose.

It has been envisioned and designed as the city of perpetual evolution, having its roots in the future, and thus subject to continuous revolution in thinking and behaviour. It cannot belong to any particular race, nation, religion, or sect, or to any set philosophy. The father of the city of the aspiration of mankind.

Auroville will be an open city as well as an open school. No examinations or qualifications for residence are required other than the sincere desire to learn and the aspiration to progress.