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The Sorrowful Monkeys

by Alexandre Ousios

Once upon a time there was a little planet on which crude, primitive primates were more or less in control. They were ugly beasts, beating their wives and children, their neighbours, their dogs and cows, in fact everything they could lay their hands on.

Two galactic messengers were sent to try to better the situation. One who was bright and shining, and loving to everyone, was immediately set upon by the angry man-apes and beaten to death. The other messenger was less friendly, but he also was a bringer of light. He offered his gift in the form of a fruit: “If you want to know good and evil, eat this magic fruit. It is from the tree of knowledge.” Being greedy, they ate it.

The magic fruit had the power of changing a tiny DNA molecule arrangement in their genes. It began to form a kind of loop in their thinking, so that from then on they had to think things over and over and ask themselves: “Was what I did really right? Couldn't I have done better?”

Of course with that kind of thinking you have a terrible time, always doubting yourself, analyzing your motives. But they could not escape it. It was now built into their genetic material, the very stuff they transmitted from generation to generation of their species. In the course of time it had a strange effect. They started building homes for their families and trying to get along with one another. They laboured in the fields, built dams and drainage ditches, built villages and towns. But they always asked themselves the same question: “Did I do this right? Couldn't I have done it better?” And they even stopped beating their children.

But in order to enforce this tremendous step in evolution from the mere instinct-driven animal to the self-aware lord of body and mind they had to pay an equally tremendous price in anguish and sorrow. They literally went through hell. Finally the time came that they got out of that too, and over their eternal loop. The fruit of the messenger had brought them into full consciousness which widened and widened until they identified themselves with all of life, with their entire planet and with the whole universe. They were no longer beasts snarling at one another; they realized their oneness and were in resonance with the whole. Thus that painful question, “Could I do better?” ceased to arise in the full bliss of their being.