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"The Eternity Game"
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The Philosophy of the Game

Everything which passes is only a symbol, says Goethe, a symbol of that which eternally is, the One in which everything has its origin. Only by knowing the forces which now manipulate us without our knowledge can we become free. Only if we rediscover our great origin, only if we learn to see ourselves in the eternal becoming, can we be kings in our kingdom. Thus our game is ontological because it is directed towards the knowledge of the whole. It is cosmological because all the forces of the universe are here in symbolic form. It is mythological because the myths, the legends and the parables of the whole world find here a common playground. In this game, god or the gods are not to be taken in any sectarian religious sense or as something dreadfully terrifying. They, like everything else, are symbols of our soul. The planets and the signs of the zodiac are not frightening bugbears or bullying superpowers before which we have to kowtow, but luminous symbols, invitations to play. And if there is anything occult about them, it is because of our ignorance.

He, ignorant, is the Knower beyond Time,
He is the Self above Nature, above Fate.[1]

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