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That mysterious entity called soul

by Medhananda

“One in many births,
a single ocean
holder of all streams of movement
sees our hearts.”

“Man became a living soul.”


“There are souls in all living things, even in those which live in the waters.”


“You could not discover the limits of soul, even if you travelled every road to do so; such is the depth of its meaning.”

How do we know which notion of the soul is true, when there are contradictory ones? The true on is that which makes us greater, because man's soul is man's greatness, his compass to the transhuman.

Man without awareness of his soul, without that which is already more than man, is an empty shell, a fossil.

The soul is not an object of nature, nor something to be conceived by our mental being. It is not even a brilliant idea. It is a state of being as distinct from mere existence as a diamond from a piece of coal.

Male and female souls were inventions of the Romantic Age trying to win the freedom of love. Maleness and femaleness are part of the physical body and the life being. But in the soul there is no such distinction.

Just as one may ride a stallion or a mare and enjoy both equally.

Nobody gives up his soul. It is the soul that gives up, or lets go, its body. Once you have met your soul you are immortal.

There is no such thing as a soul of sorrow. Sorrows belong to the little ego, but the soul is a thing of joy.

There is no such thing as a poor soul. Every soul is a king in his own kingdom.

Nobody has a soul. But some people are soul. The soul is that which evolves in man and at the same time is the aim of material evolution. We are perhaps the first generation to be able to give this definition of the soul. Up to now it was thought to be the life principle, or the mental principle. The only reason we are on earth is to discover our soul and become one with it, to become soul. We are individuals in so far as we are soul. All the rest is a product of nature, stereotyped little group souls.

The soul is our body of bliss, our eternal body of play and joy. Without a soul we would be slaves of nature. Only our soul gives us freedom. One might say that freedom is our soul – freedom from our genetic programming, from our ancestors. The freedom to do something which nobody has ever done. Because, and in so far as, we are souls we belong to the cosmos. The rest of us belongs to earth.