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Sodom and the Just

by P. Daniel

There is an old story, to be found in most of the ancient holy books, Bibles, and Puranas, about a town which the demons wanted to destroy. But they couldn't do it because there was still one just man living in the town.

Most religious people, taking the story literally, imagine that ‘just’ means morally just. There was a fellow who didn't steal, kill, or break religious commandments. Experience of reality should have shown that being a nice man is not sufficient guarantee against afflictions of demons or the powers of nature – earthquakes, volcanoes, cyclones and tsunamis.

No. Protection means something else. But only those who are protected know what it means to be just, to exist in the right way, in the ecstasy of being, and those few are the guardians of the subconscious of humanity. As long as they are there nothing can happen, either to a town where they live, to the ship or plane they travel in, or to a planet they inhabit. It is to them that coming disasters are visible, and it is they who can purify man's subconscious so that the danger cannot materialize.

“Just as one drop of poison can make a whole well unsafe, there is a purity too, one drop of which can make it clean.” It is because of this purity that our earth is still alive.