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As every science major knows, the heart of all chemical reactions is electron sharing: the electrons of the outermost shell of one atom are shared with other atoms. Without this sharing there would be no universe.

In a later stage of evolution the cells of a body share proteins, enzymes, starch, sugar etc., with one another. Otherwise there would be no body. Still later each generation of men has not only to share but to pass on to the next all its cultural riches. Otherwise there would be no culture.

The higher the level of being, the more such sharing takes place. Each time one angel meets another they look at each other, and with that glance they share their bliss. And after their meeting neither would be able to say: ‘this was my body of joy and that was his,’ so much have they become one.

Without extensive sharing no birds would sing, no flowers would bloom, no grapes become sweet on the vine, and no stars would shine through the immensities of space.

And on the very summits of existence God shares his whole being with every other being in such a total way that neither would have any reality whatever without the totality of the other, and none will ever be able to say that this is my being and that is His.