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Secret meeting

by Alexandre Ousios

The expanse of sand along the beach stretched far into the distance. It was very peaceful that day as I was taking my customary walk, and for a while I thought I was alone. Then I saw him. As I came near I recognized him, and suddenly remembered with a pang that I had met him many times before. How could I have forgotten so utterly? I had even forgotten how much joy it gave and yet how at the same time it hurt to see him, so beautiful he was.

But the first thing you feel as you approach is the peace, a peace corporeal in its solidity, a peace you can take hold of and which takes hold of you. At the same time it hurts, suddenly remembering that for seventy-five years you have been looking for just such peace.

There he was sitting on a familiar rock looking at the sea. How beautiful, I thought. This is how we human beings should have been. Then with a mixture of joy and sadness I realized that I could never again think a man or woman beautiful.

One particular thing about him was that the surface of his being seemed to be delineated by clear-cut lines which reminded me of an algebraic origin. They were functions become visible. But the soft light which surrounded him prevented these lines from having any sharpness. Then, as I stood quite near, I knew that this body was in another space. His skin was clearly of an unearthly substance.

Slowly he turned his head, and I was startled by his eyes. I remembered now – that strange feeling that his eyes were not so much for seeing and receiving, as first and foremost for giving.

“Have you come to help us?” I asked him, almost without breath.

“Are you in distress?” asked a voice which vibrated with power.

“Not I, but mankind”, I answered. He smiled. “We always help, unseen.”

“But we need to see you.”

He shook his head rather sadly. “No, on your planet that always starts a religious war. We can show ourselves only rarely, to people like you.”

“Like me?” I asked. “What is so particular about me?”

He smiled, but didn't answer. Then he said, “Yes, I've come to help you. There is a message.” And he told me the message. It is still very clear in my soul, the message and the singing voice, but somehow I have forgotten the words. Often they are just on the tip of my tongue and then they escape me. Am I so stupid? Or was it that which he meant when he said, “people like you”?