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School plays and tests for teaching programmes of 2065

By a group of teachers

Elementary school
7-8 year olds
I.Q. 130-160

1. Imagine, mime and dance your arrival on a peaceful mission to an unknown, inhabited planet. Imagine yourself before the reception committee, applying what you have learned in your recent study here of the psychology of terrestrial anthropoids.

2. Write and organize a ballet for a dwarf sun with seven planets, with satellites, etc.

3. Weave, in different colours, possible relationships in the continuum of a galaxy.

4. Invent names and symbols for a binary system.

5. Invent names of stars and constellations in the sector Epsilon of the universe, given in a 3-dimensional map.

Junior high school
12-15 year olds
I.Q. Above 140

1. Biology

Arrange the genetic data for an imaginary pet.

2. City planning

Imagine an architecture for a g0 city.

3. Cosmology

Think of possible uses for:
a. a nova
b. a supernova
c. a dead sun.

4. Sociology

Describe a feline planetary civilization.

5. Symbol logic

Invent new symbols for a philosophy of intra-galactic life, where each one is his own absolute summit in the hierarchies of service to the whole.

Senior high school
I.Q. minimum 200

1. Cosmology

Establish a computer programming to find the most advantageous space-time curve for a voyage from QM 475.493 to AM 3309.

2. Ethics

Explain why impatience is impossible for a 4-dimensional consciousness.

3. History

What was the role of war in a preplanetary civilization?

4. Linguistics

Invent and justify a new grammatical order for meta-lingual system for intrastellar life.

5. Mathematics

Devise a mathematical expression for the meeting of two friends in random lives if the space-time variable comprises:
a. a planet
b. a galaxy
c. a universe.

6. Music

Programme a sonata with the resonances for the Gamma DNA of an albatross.

7. Ontology

Outline the changing meanings of knowledge for:
a. a vital being
b. a mental being
c. a psychic being
Indicate the continuum.

8. Physics

Indicate the order of magnitude of the necessary energies to transform a globular galaxy into a spiral galaxy, and vice versa.

9. Physiology

Explain the inverse ratio of brain size and the stability of genetic character.

10. Political Science

Outline the possible effects on the stability factor of our civilization of the decision of the Planetary Eugenics Council for gradual elimination of the less-than-200 I.Q.s.

11. Psychology

Explain your lack of creativity between 2059-2060.
Diagramme the psychic selectiveness of the memory screens
a. for a single life
b. for a hundred lives in the same species
c. for 10,000 consecutive lives in the same biosphere
d. for an infinite number of lives.

12. Technology

What is the most economical way to provoke a nova explosion with a star type 023?

13. Zoology

Sketch an artificial planet for the transport of the major animal species of earth.