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When we make a distinction between two aspects of reality like matter and spirit, we don't have two different things, matter here and spirit there, but one thing with two sides, spirit-matter: reality. An object can have the qualities of both blueness and coldness as different aspects and still be a single object.

The reason we know so little about reality is not that there is no such thing but that we are too small or too dull to comprehend it. Those few individuals who have glimpsed it were overwhelmed and started to stammer. Reality is too beautiful, too magnificent to be mirrored by our indifference.

Our childish ideas about creation, about life and birth and death, about soul and God, are indications – not that there are no such realities, but that whatever there is is so tremendous that it burns and sizzles our comprehension, as if we tried to measure the voltage of a high-tension line with a pocket meter!

Sometimes we say that sorrow or suffering ‘breaks our heart’, but in matter itself there is a basic joy ten thousand times as heartbreaking. Some of our greatest writers have tried to describe paradise and have failed pitifully. We will have to invent a new means of communication as different from the means we have as our language is different from the chemical language of the ant. Our words cannot describe a rose, so how could they describe paradise? Our pictorial art has succeeded only in producing caricatures of gods and goddesses. Our science hasn't even scratched through the outermost shell of reality, but even that shows us that it becomes more and more fairylike as we go on scratching. Perhaps one day we shall be able to describe an atom.

The more we learn about reality and evolution the more we realize how far we must evolve before we shall be able to say even the first word about them.