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Psychology of the heights

Each age, and now with the acceleration of evolution each generation, has to find its own mythos, its own psychology, its own phenomenology of consciousness. At present our psychology has not yet reached the extent of penetration and synthesis which nuclear physics has reached. It has not been able to keep abreast of the evolutionary movement of consciousness. The great fertile ideas in our age – the continuum, the field, the interpenetration – have yet no equivalents in psychology. There are no constants yet for psychology to be based on. Even the idea of evolution, which belonged to the last century, has not yet penetrated it.

Man would like to understand not only things and events and order in the universe around him, but also the reality within himself. Constantly he is surprised by events for which psychology has no explanation, or only a word, avoiding explanation. What science has done is to widen and deepen the mystery of his own existence. It has placed the phenomenon of man against a magnificent background of galaxies and novas, in a timeless perspective of never-ending evolution. No ancient legends or fairy tales ever invented so marvellous a world, so unbelievable, so magnificent as modern cosmology. But our psychology has not yet found its bearings. It is still a chaos, and from that chaos mankind waits to be born.