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Propaganda and the Word

by Benedictus Montecrossa

Angel of Earth: Look at the mess. Why don't you speak to them?
Holy Ghost: No, no! The moment I open my mouth they rush away and establish a new church.

Perhaps we shouldn't have translated Logos as ‘The Word’. And so the word became talk – talk in the books, talk in the magazines, talk on the radio, talk in the councils of state.

Do we really think that we can change Neanderthal by propaganda? Or persuade a child to be a musician? Do we live so much on the surface, have so little depth of being that we think opinions are all-important? Do we know so little of states of being that we talk about schools of painting, for example, forgetting that a true artist lives on a different intensity scale, that red for him, or yellow or violet, is not the same thing as for the non-artist? We don't even have a word or words in our whole 30,000-word dictionaries we are so proud of, with which to distinguish Light, the inner experience, from the light the physicist speaks about when he means photon radiations or something of that sort.

We thought that God could be proven, totally disregarding the fact that God is a state of consciousness (which is not at all the same thing as a state of mind). There is only one way to prove God, and that is ecstasy. We make believe that science proves this or proves that. It doesn't. It doesn't even prove matter. It proves only that our waking state is at least as consistent and coherent as our dreams.

What could be farther apart than The Word the ancients speak about and our 30,000 words? Did he say you have to read, or listen to the radio, or study a catechism? He said you have to be reborn. There is a method of effecting that birth, but no amount of propaganda will do it. Fetishism, monotheism, pantheism are states of consciousness, and talking for or against them will not provoke the necessary mutation any more than changing the subject of your dream will awaken you. But there is a method of awakening. In the East that method has been taught for thousands of years, and it was so taken for granted by the first Christians that they hardly mentioned it. But they did mention it – the exercises that change your subconscious first so that the superconscious can take control.

It is not necessary to convince your mental being to love the neighbours around you. Two thousand years of preaching have hardly advanced that cause. But there is a level of being where you are one with your neighbour, as with yourself, and when you are there you are already on the other side.

By oratory you may convince someone that your opinion is the only opinion worth having, but he won't be convinced for long. When you can look at Earnest the Apeman and make him, with that mere look, into a being of the future, then you will know what The Word means.