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Our noble knights

Our political problems have to be seen also as problems of evolution. If our world were a stable world instead of a dynamic flow, then each individual, each society, each trade union would long ago have found its stable equilibrium and we would have a nice political theory on which everybody could agree. But our problem is that we are living in an evolutionary world. We can no longer go to sleep with that beautiful medieval idea that there is a solution and once you have found it there is nothing more to do.

How to convince a noble knight of the 12th century that his idea of going on a crusade to liberate the tomb of the Lord is nonsense? Whatever we might say from the height of our 20th-century knowledge would be incomprehensible to him, frivolous, anti-Christian, anti-God. In any case he had to go, for reasons hidden even from himself.

The same is true of our holy crusades today. Whatever we might say to our noble knights in the Pentagon, in the Kremlin, in the Forbidden City, it would seem to them frivolous, anti-democratic, anti-people, anti-the-holy-American or Communist way. Don Quixote was a first-class knight, but he was living in an age that had passed. Today also, while the galleons to sail tomorrow's seas, to discover our future new worlds are already building, our Don Quixotes, our chivalrous knights of the atomic stock-piles are already living fossils, unaware that their age also is past. Feudal society was a step in our evolution, and seeing our planet as a world of fatherlands was another step.

But we can't organize ourselves permanently on that basis. Evolution is no respecter of fossils, and today it is no longer the anatomical forms which fossilize but our ways of thinking. If our thought is not born just now, in the very instant we are speaking, it is already a dinosaur of the past – beautiful or impressive perhaps, but no longer a living force.

This universe in which we live is not only a continuous twilight of the gods, a Ragnarök of ancient deities; it is also a dawn of unending creation. Today we refuse to consider as gods our mental creations and the social formations of the past. But that doesn't prevent us from bowing down constantly before names like Marxism and free enterprise, socialism and democracy, compulsory education and social security. It is this adoration, this obeisance to the formations of the past which keep us living in a twilight world instead of a dawn world. That change of consciousness which is necessary in order to see the morning instead of the dusk, we may not ask of others. We are not allowed to impose it, or even exhort others to adopt it. We are not permitted to organize it, because you can organize only fossil formations, not the living energy of the universe. We can only, ourselves, awaken and delight in it.