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Our homing instinct

by M.S.

We have all heard of stories of dogs who find their way back home to their master after having been separated by hundreds of miles. Sometimes a horse will do it, sometimes a cat, a bird, or a frog. Or we have read of the Pacific Coast salmon that return, after reaching maturity in the ocean, to spawn in the same stream in which they were born. Scientists even tell us of some migratory birds whose young precede them back to summer feeding grounds they have never seen.

What makes them do it?

Simply to call it instinct is not to understand it. But there is a time when we understand. For there is a similar ‘instinct’ in man – something which urges him onward, which directs and supports him through many lives even, in his long ascending adventure toward his divine origin.

When we become aware of this urge, this direction, this meaning in ourselves, then we know why the dog returns.