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Our evolutionary programme

by Medhananda

The different degrees of activity of our mental being range from stupid to intelligent. These are not merely degrees of alertness of functioning speed. If they were, a bird or a squirrel would rate highest in the I.Q. scale. But it is the complexity and the vastness of synaptic connections that make us more intelligent.

The lowest on this scale is the hole, the plug and socket, the one-way meaning only, e.g.: noise – flight, black – evil. Then comes the groove: totalitarianism – bad – war; democracy – good – peace; man – speaks – intelligent; animal – doesn't speak – stupid. These are grooves of a primitive intelligence. A higher degree is represented by the two-dimensional surface thinkers. They have learned a trade, a special manipulation of things, and their thinking is: This is how it has to be done. Then come the field thinkers: fields of knowledge – oceanography, immunology, molecular genetics – where all the points under study are connected with all the others independently, not in one-way grooves but in a sweep-over each time a particular problem is raised.

In depth thinking we begin to connect the surface events of the physical worlds with forces behind and we attain to a three-dimensional intelligence which in meditation, in the mystic, becomes real space-thinking. Pure mathematics, which used to be lonely, separate analogies, has finally become thinking of the whole. In mystic thinking also, all limitations have fallen away and for the first time the brain functions as a whole. Every thought is a total experience; each experience provokes an orgasm of understanding. Everything has taste as well as fragrance, and nothing is so abstract as not to provoke in all the synaptic points of meaning in resonance with all the others. Each time one experience is mentioned or considered, all the others are tuned in.

There is a further step in complexity which is not yet found on our planet but its in our evolutionary programme. This is a mind where an infinity of universes of past, present and future, per saecula saeculorum, are fully understood, loved, and reflected in the multidimensional mirror of a consciousness which knows no limits, but which can if necessary gather into an all-transforming laser-like resonance of concentration the creative word of an omnipotent force.

And one might expect this to be the top of the scale but evolution has always new beginnings in an ever-increasing capacity of identification and participation in the fullness of being, of consciousness and of bliss, where each centre is in resonance with all the others.

We have emphasized the infinity and the eternity of human intelligence, but there is another aspect too: simultaneity. If a laser beam can carry at one time all the telegraph messages of the whole world without getting them mixed up, that suggests the possibility of a consciousness not limited to the present, which can see at once past, present and future, can know at one moment all that is true in the whole world. What the pioneer mystics have experienced in the first opening of the inner doors will become the common and constant possession of every human being.