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New man - a child of the oneness and the whole

We are all new men
but those who know it
are rare

Evolution has given a new meaning to life on earth, a new meaning acceptable to the scientist as well as satisfying to our highest religious feelings. But evolution means also that man as we know him will disappear and that a new being will take his place, a being beyond man - ultrahuman, transhuman, superman, homo creator.

In a hidden way even the ancient relgions spoke about him. And art, during its best periods, portrayed nothing but him. The Egyptian and Greek gods were all superanimals or supermen, and through the ages new visions have been added, until in modern times we have those of Nietzsche and Solovief, Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo.

But if the meaning of our evolution is spiritual, and its further direction subjective, then coming man must be a spiritual man.

The more our consciousness evolves toward oneness, the more also will the outer aspect of that oneness be multiplicity, a multiplicity always more rich and more extraordinary. New man will not be a uniform automaton. He will have a new sense of oneness, as well as a new sense for the riches of diversity. And just as old man felt a need to classify all things he met in the universe, new man will feel the need to relate everything to everything else in the universe.

In our time scientists have been discovering the individuality of wild animals. The day will come when we will discover the individuality of the stars, and know every one in the galaxy by its personal name like an old friend with all its habits and idiosyncrasies. Then we shall really have acquired a cosmic consciousness.